The ‘terms’ refer to the important requirements regarding the use of Geek I Solution support services,  you have chosen or initiated via Geek I Solution website. In your best interest,  it is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before you decide to opt Geek I Solution service because the term applied to the service plan we are offering to you.   We advise hair that carefully read our stated terms and then click on ‘I Accept’ or ‘I Agree’  if you are completely satisfied.  If you do not agree with the terms and conditions,  it will be difficult for Geek I Solution to offer you services. In that case, you can simply click on the ‘Cancel’ button, or you can indicate refusal following the other mentioned means to not use the services.  Although,  you can only receive our services if you subscribe to any of the Geek I Solution’s plans.  The plans are offered for a specific period. The company does not warrant the fee Refund if you fail to use the services during the subscription period. For more details, read our Refund Policy.

Information Collection and Use

We are the sole owner of all the information gathered from the website, email, or phone. The Geek I Solution ensures that your information is safe with us and no information shared with us will be rented or sold to anyone.

Personal Information

To avail the  Geek I Solution services,  you are supposed to fill the Registration Form where you need to mention your name ( including the first name and last name),  contact details, email address, postal address, personal identifier, etc.  By using this contact information,  we can contact you to talk about the services and products you have requested.

Control of Personal Information

Personal information shared with us can be confirmed, changed, or updated through the email. In case, you do not opt for any communication medium from Geek I Solution, you can just request us through an email.  You can also opt in the communication option later if you prefer.  Even when you are opting the promotional Communications,  you may receive messages,  legal notices,  and Critical messages related to the ability to use services you have bought from us. The Geek I Solution is dedicatedly committed to keeping all your personal details safe and secure, for this,  we use the latest tools and technologies.  There is a secured Limited access facility to all the personal details and the sensitive information shared with us such as the credit card details.  All the sensitive details are encrypted for the transmission using SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) protocol. We also make sure that SSL  encryption keeps the information unreadable for anyone but us.

Protection of Children’s Privacy

Geek I Solution is a website of general interest. Although, we do not provide any personal information for the children.

Use Cookies and Image Technology

We can get the website visitation data using the cookies saved on your computer. A cookie is the small data file that various websites write to your hard drive when you browse them,  this may contain the personal details including the User ID  and using this,  the website can track the pages that you have visited. Also,   cookies only contain personal details shared by you and it cannot read the data from your hard disc or read cookie files belongs to the other website.  To analyze the effectiveness of our navigation structure to help the users to reach the website details and to track the user traffic patterns, we use cookies. But, we guarantee you that none of your details will be shared or sold to any other party.  In case,  if you do not want cooking to be stored in your hard disc,  you can just turn them off in your web browser.

Link to the other Websites

There might be various links on Geek I Solution.  Clicking any of those links will leave you from our website.    It is important to always remember that you might be led to some other website with  Geek I Solution logo,   but we are not responsible for any of the content appearing on it and any of the privacy practices of that website.  Our privacy policy does not cover the information practices of the websites that are linked to our website.   We are also not responsible for the cookies sent by those websites to gather personal information or data.

Change to this Statement

It is our privilege to update the privacy statement timely.  Any modifications made to this statement may affect our use of personal information collected from you, this will be informed to you through a prominent notice on the Geek I Solution website.

Queries About Our Privacy Policy

If you have any queries about the privacy policy of Geek I Solution, you can write us an email at